1951 D'Angelico Excel


It is remarkable that from the 30s and 40s towards the 50s the weight of the DAngelico built instruments increases, which was done deliberately by the maker to make the guitars less prone to feedback when played with amplification. Still, the overall tone of the instruments did not change at all, and also this particular Excel guitar has the D’Angelico ‘signature sound’ in spades; a very nice piano-like tone with a great balance all over its entire register. Plenty of volume too. I think this left D’Angelico’s shop as a blonde originally, as evidenced by the black ‘stinger’ on the back of the headstock. One piece neck, as John preferred to make them. Full round feeling neck that is a standard 24-3/4”scale and 1-11/16” wide at the nut just like most modern day jazz guitars would have. Fits my hand perfectly. Original pickguard had deteriorated (as they always do) now is set up with a nice tortoise reproduction guard I copied directly from an original.

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