1951 Epiphone "DeLuxe Regent"

Just like the Howard and the Soloist this is an especially rare Epi; only a few Deluxes were made with an extra-wide 18"body, similar in size to the Emperor model. Some had f-hole binding, some did not.

It is not only rare, but the guitar, the original strap, and its case, were in near mint condition when I first received it too, which for me made it a bit daunting to take out and play. Still, I played it a lot so now it has got the slightest bit of playwear. Afterall these were made to play and not just to look at ! It is now in the hands of an accomplished player in the UK who also will make equally good use of it.

According to the she son of the original owner it was played on many occasion by Roy Orbison ("the Caruso of Rock"), who always wanted to buy the guitar, but his father refused to sell ! I can see why because besides being stunningly beautiful it has a phenomenal sound, like a church organ, loud, reverberant, sparkling highs, chunky mids, and the deepest ringing basses ever.

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