Archtop pickguards

I am not a pro luthier, but when time allows I do occasionally make custom guards for my own guitars or friends. Contact address: info-at-NiceGuitar-dot-eu

Scratchplate arrived- looks perfect!! Will send photo as soon as it is installed, please feel free to use this for any publicity etc, you are doing a great job, Very best regards, Nick & Lyndsey Z, Rickmansworth, UK


Pickguard arrived yesterday, and looks great, I've shown my luthier friends and they will contact you for future projects, Thanks again John L, Van Nuys CA, USA


Pickguard arrived today! I couldn't be happier with the quality and care you took to create this thing. It has a wonderful patterning in the tiger strip—so much character. I appreciate hand crafted materials. Again, thank you for your services. I will pass your name on if anyone asks who fashioned it. Branic H, Brooklyn, NY, USA


Some examples:


D'Aquisto New Yorkers

D'Angelico Excel (engraved)

Gibson-made "Cromwell" archtop triangular guard-photocopy of an original (top) and the repro (below)


Epiphone Broadway

Epiphone Triumph (non-cut)

Three Epiphone Triumph Regents (cutaway)

Three Epiphone Deluxe/Emperor guards

Gibson L5 Left-handed

Gibson L-7c models

Gibson L-5c

My own  Gretsch Synchromatic 300

Gibson ES 150 (Charlie Christian model)

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